Lee Harris offers a forgiveness mantra that can be used every day to free up more and more of your energy.

This isn’t about making unhealthy situations and actions OK. It’s about letting go of the stuck energy and pain around those situations so that you can step more fully into wholeness and vibrancy. The cleaner and healthier you become energetically, the more you will blossom.

At first, as you let go of some of the pain of your past, you may experience additional items springing up to your awareness that also need to be cleared. But over time you will start to clear away the wreckage. You will feel better and think more clearly. You will have more energy and your intuitiveness and clarity will increase.

A simple way top begin this process is simply to repeat the following forgiveness mantra daily. As you do the exercise, do your best to open your heart. Allow yourself to fully feel and mean every word you say.

I forgive myself, for everything.
I forgive everyone, for everything.
I forgive my life, for everything.
I forgive my fear, for everything.
I forgive my judgement, for everything.
I forgive those who judged me.
I forgive those who feared me.
I forgive myself for love not yet given to myself.
I love myself.
I am free.
I am free to be fully me.

~Lee Harris
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