Have you ever noticed a bird or other creature crossing your path in a profound or obvious way? Or perhaps, you keep noticing the same animal over and over and it seems a bit unusual?

Sometimes, The Universe will communicate with us by sending earth’s creatures to bring us messages. Each of nature’s creatures has it’s own special medicine or power. When you understand this magick, it is much easier for the Universe to give us signs and guidance to assure us, warn us, or help us keep our focus on what’s important and just and away from what’s distracting us from our own Good.

How do you know if you are receiving a message? Some common indicators are:

  • You notice an unusual sighting of a bird, animal, lizard or other creature
  • Some specific creature keeps crossing your path more than usual
  • You suddenly notice something that you see everyday and never appreciated before

Good examples of Animal Messages are when a hawk swoops down low and directly in front of your car while driving, or lights low on a close post in your yard and sits there for a while until you recognize that it might be a message from the Universe.

Or perhaps there are always chipmunks in your yard, but today one comes and looks at you, or there are many more than usual.

In short, if you notice it and it feels profound…DING, DING, DING… that’s your intuition! Listen to it and go look up the medicine that animal represents. You might find it relates to your life much more closely than you would expect.

Either way, if you are open to Animal Medicine:

  • Tell the Infinite that you would like to receive messages through animal helpers
  • Trust that you will “get the nudge” the next time an animal is bringing you it’s medicine
  • When you do get the nudge, go look up the animal totem and receive it’s message

You’ll get the hang of it when you let go and allow it happen on it’s own. And remember, talents wasted sometimes will stop appearing. So if you want to enhance your communication with intuitive guidance, it’s important you take action to receive the messages presented to you.

Check out this great book on Animal Medicine

It provides a good size list of common animal totems along with in-depth descriptions, symbolism and interpretation.

*Card deck and instructions provided for those who wish to use divination instead of waiting for natural occurrences in everyday life.

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