Have you ever noticed a bird or other creature crossing your path in a profound or obvious way? Or perhaps, you keep noticing the same animal over and over and it seems a bit unusual? Your guides might be sending you animal messages from Spirit.

Each of nature’s creatures has its own special medicine or power. When you understand this magick, it is much easier for the Universe to send you relevant signs and guidance. By revealing the right animal at the right time, guidance can show you what to focus on, or warn you to be mindful of negative traits.

How do you know if you are receiving an animal spirit message?

Some common indicators are:

  • You notice an unusual sighting of a bird, animal, lizard, or other creature;
  • Some specific creature keeps crossing your path more than usual;
  • You suddenly notice something that you see every day but never caught your eye before.

A good example of animal magick crossing your path might be a hawk swooping down in front of your car when driving. Or perhaps, it sits on a post in your yard until you finally pay attention to it. Then, once you notice it, it flies away. Or maybe there are a dozen chipmunks on your lawn one morning, many more than usual.

Any of these or similar scenarios could be a sign to pay attention to. Your guides might be sending you animal messages from Spirit.

Get on the internet and look up the medicine that the animal represents. You can usually find it by searching for “animal totem”, “spirit animal”, “meaning”, or “magick”, for example, “chipmunk magick”. Or if you prefer books, my go-to reference for animal magick is Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson. It’s a great place to start for most common animals. The readings are very detailed and insightful, plus they include inverse readings/warnings as well.

Either way, if you take the time to lookup an animal that really catches your attention, you might find its magick relates to your current life circumstance surprisingly well.

Here are a few simple steps to welcome animal messages as part of your spiritual practice:

  1. Tell your guides that you would like to receive messages through animal helpers. State your claim and let your intention be known. You can say it out loud or silently. I would suggest you take a moment to create a clean, clear space and get centered. Then set your intention as clearly as possible. Imagine holding it in your hands like a gift, and then release it up to Spirit and to your guides.

    Intention is the beginning of manifestation, in part, simply because it changes your focus. You will start seeing things that you overlooked before. You may not receive an animal message instantly, but at least you will be aware and ready for one.

  2. Get in alignment with nature. Unless you already receive psychic messages without even trying, you will probably need to work on honing your senses. Part of this adjustment is simply releasing the perpetual hustle and bustle of modern life. You know what I’m talking about, that constant gerbil wheel of things to do and places to be. You cannot be fully present and aware of the gifts being offered to you if you are always rushing around from one task to the next. And the animals definitely won’t want to come near you if you are running around like a maniac all the time.

    Slow down! Then perhaps you will notice the tiny green anole that watches you every day from your porch rail. He has magick for you if you take the time to notice him.

  3. Trust that you will get “the nudge” the next time an animal messenger is near.

    If you’ve set your intention, and you’ve slowed down, your next step is simply to believe. Know that eventually, you will start to see the messages around you. Expect it. Be on the lookout and ready for it. When it happens, you will recognize it!

    The key is, be mindful as you go about your business. Intentionally be aware of the creatures in your path that you ordinarily might not notice. When an animal messenger appears, it might feel profound, or it might not. The question is, why was your attention drawn to it, or how? If either the animal (or you noticing it) is out of the ordinary, that may be your tip that it has a message for you.

  4. When you think you might be receiving a message, look up the animal totem meaning. Don’t make excuses about how busy you are or reason it away. Spirit delivers messages to those who take them seriously and act on them. Don’t miss the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

    Gifts wasted will sometimes stop appearing, or maybe we just stop seeing them. If you want to enhance your communication with guidance, it’s important that you take action on the gifts given.

Then, all you have to do is stay mindful and allow it to happen. Let go and enjoy the experience!

The more you indulge your curiosity, the quicker you will learn to recognize animal messages from Spirit. Over time, you will become better and better at discerning the difference between your mind talk and guidance or intuition.

You’ll have the hang of it before you know it!

Need a good resource for animal totem meanings?

This is my favorite book for animal medicine and always where I start when an unfamiliar creature has crossed my path. It provides in-depth descriptions, symbolism, and interpretation for a good list of common messenger animals. Plus it includes cards for divination for anyone inclined. Personally, I prefer to let nature take its course and just use the book as a reference. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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