When you think of the word “witch”, what do you think of? Pointy black hats and broomsticks? Wicca? Cauldrons and spells? Something else?

For me and others like me, being a witch (or a Hedgewitch in my case), is simply about a reverence for nature, an understanding that we are all God’s (or Goddesses’) creatures, and a recognition of the magickal essence that runs through us and around us all the time.

A hedgewitch (or natural born witch) is not necessarily someone who studies Wicca or witchcraft, but rather who is very intuitive and can see/hear non-physical energies and realms. She (or he) might also have a natural green thumb in the garden too, which makes spiritual sense since magick is often linked to the realm of nature spirits, faeries, dragon wisdom, and healing.

“And harm to none” is a holy vow that all witches ought know better than to cross. Attempting to interfere in anyone’s free-will is a big no-no and can come with lifetimes of consequences that become less and less enchanting over time. (But that’s another story for another day.)

For me, my craft is about compassion, wholeness (yes, embracing your shadow!) and healing. It’s about fostering self-love and good stewardship. It’s about helping others and living an example of a healthy, balanced life to the best of my ability.

We all have access to power that we wield everyday in a variety of shapes and forms–from family time and work to spirituality and hobbies. In every moment, we are choosing how we show up in our world; how we will use our gifts and talents; and for some, how we will manage our vices.

I choose Good.

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