So, you don’t get messages from your guides. Why not? Listen to this episode for some simple tips to help you receive Wisdom from your Spirit helpers.

Most people don’t have vividly clear premonitions that they fully understand, but the mother-to-be in the video below did, and it saved her life!

There is no denying the order of events that unfolded in her story; and it is clear that if she had not acted on the psychic information she received, she probably wouldn’t have survived.

So what’s the difference between her and the rest of us?

She believed the messages she was receiving, and in spite of the risk of people thinking she was crazy, she acted on them.

She told her friends about her visions, and also asked her doctors questions about the details she saw that would lead to her death on the operating table. Because of her courage to speak up, her doctor had what was needed when she flat-lined, and was able to save her.

Since then, she has continued to receive messages from the other side, and through experience, has come to trust that they are real and valuable, not figments of her imagination.

Like anyone who has ever seen or heard something from the spirit world, or had a paranormal experience with verifiable details, there is a point where you have to choose whether to accept what is happening to you, and start believing the messages you are receiving, or you have to push them away and shut down your connection.

In my personal experience, allowing, receiving, and believing tends to be much more beneficial for all involved.

So how do you know if your guides are trying to communicate with you?

For most people, it will be a feeling.

We’ve all heard someone say, “it just felt right,” or conversely, “something felt off.”

That’s your intuition speaking!

Comments like these also frequently come with a sense of incredulity when spiritual guidance is at play. Why? Often, there is nothing on the surface to indicate an obvious reason why something would be a good or bad choice, but nevertheless, you have this sense that it’s “the right choice” or “the wrong time”.

Likewise, when it’s time to make important changes in your life, you can feel it. Even if those changes are scary or intimidating, you can feel yourself being pulled to take action.

Whether you want to think of this as inner-wisdom or external guidance doesn’t really matter. Either way, you are experiencing some kind of sixth sense guiding and protecting you.

Another way to recognize guidance is to pay attention to your choice of words when talking with others.

For example, you might tell a friend that you are feeling drawn to make a decision or take an action. Or you might just know that now is the time to do something. These are feeling, sixth sense words, not left-brained analytical words.

When you hear yourself say (or think), “I just feel like I have to do this,” or “I don’t know how I know, I just do,” or “I have this nagging feeling that won’t go away,” those are all great indicators of guidance at work.

Or, you might suddenly have an inexplicable (and unexpected) heartfelt emotional response to something.

I’m not talking about irrational angry outbursts, or PTSD, or hormonal imbalances. I’m talking about just plain’ole deep, heartfelt emotion, or a sudden deep sense of connection that moves you in a spiritual way. It may even be so strong that it chokes you up a bit or brings tears to your eyes.

An example from my life is: if I write a song lyric that is poignant, and my guides want me to know that it’s a good line that will touch my listeners emotionally, I will suddenly feel humbled and connected and teary. Likewise, when I am faced with an opportunity that will move me to the next level in my work or my life, I will suddenly tear up.

It’s like watching a really touching moment in a great movie, and you can’t help but feel the powerful emotion of it all.

For me, when I have that sudden wave of emotion and connection, that’s my sign that I am on track with whatever I am doing or contemplating.

To learn your own personal signs of guidance sending you a message, you will need to become an observer of your own life. Watch yourself as you go about your day, and notice any unusual feelings in your body, or unusual thoughts popping into your head.

Are you saying something profound to someone, or hearing something important, and suddenly a chill runs through your body, you get goosebumps, or you feel a warm flush in your chest? That could be your sign.

Simply be observant, and you will eventually start to learn your own patterns and responses, so that you can recognize when your guides are trying to tell you, “Pay attention!”

And remember, the only way to get good at something is to practice, practice, practice.

Not only will you need to practice learning to recognize and receive guidance, but you will also need to practice making decisions and taking actions based on the guidance you receive.

In other words, you will need to practice learning to trust.

In order to receive the full benefits of working with your guides, you will need to learn to trust both them and your ability to connect with them. Otherwise, it can be very difficult when you are guided to do something you really don’t want to do, even if it’s for your highest good.

That’s why practicing when it’s easy is important, so that you can trust and follow through when it’s hard!

Note: If you are hearing destructive voices in your head telling you to hurt yourself or someone else, this is not the voice of your guides!

Please seek mental health support immediately.

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General mental health support crisis line:
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