Asha has been doing psychic healing for over 20 years

Intuitive Sessions & Clearing Work

Are you in need of healing, or guidance around a situation or person? Or maybe you feel like there is unwanted “stuff” lurking around you or your home?

I have been doing intuitive work, remote healing and space clearing for over 20 years, plus onsite house/land blessings for North-metro Atlanta locals.

All sessions include a quick “check-in” before I confirm your booking–just to make sure I can help you. If yes, you will receive options and details via email and we’ll go from there. If no, I’ll let you know.


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Psychic Healing/Clearing
Every session is unique and allowed to unfold organically. The experience might include healing, messages, divination, clearing, exercises to do after the session, or something else. I do not limit the experience to a certain structure, so you and I will find out together how I can best be of service to you during your time with me. Appointment lengths vary depending on the information received and the amount of work I am guided to do during the session. Some sessions conclude more quickly than expected, while others take slightly longer than the time allotted. If possible, it is recommended that you allow some downtime after your appointment so that you can relax and not rush back to a highly intellectual or stressful situation. Thank you in advance for trusting me to work with you. $45 for 30 mins, $85 for 1 hr
Space rejuventation & everyday protection
Appointment times vary by location and typically require anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour for remote or longer for onsite. For remote rejuventations and blessings, you are welcome to participate via phone conference. For onsite appointments, please plan on participating in the blessing, clearing and protection of your space. During the both remote and onsite clearings, I ask that all conversation remain task-focused or that participants attend quietly. As we progress through the clearing, I will attempt to describe what is happening along the way; however, please understand that there may be times I cannot communicate without interrupting my process. If that happens, I will tell you what I can when I am done with that portion of your clearing/blessing. ***IMPORTANT: If you believe there is a serious energetic problem in your house that needs to be remedied, such as problematic ghosts, dark entities or other malevolent forces, please select the Deep Clean & Protection option when booking. These situations require special handling, for your safety and mine.
$85 remote, $175 onsite (metro-ATL only)
Deep Clean & Protection (ghost and entity removal)
Serious energetic problems in your house, such as problematic ghosts, dark entities or other malevolent forces, are more safely, efficiently and effectively handled in non-physical form by me or a special team of people I work with depending on the situation. However, I will be happy to make notes and report back everything I can once the clearing is complete. $145 remote only
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Asha has been doing psychic healing for over 20 years

Energy-Infused Music for Clearing, Healing & Re-harmonization

Feel like you could use a lift? My first album, Move Ahead, is infused with light, breathe and pulse energies for clearing and re-harmonization. Plus, the songs are catchy country-pop style and are easy to sing along to.

For maximum energy clearing and revitalization, just listen to the whole album in order several times. If at first you feel agitated or annoyed, it’s OK. That is sometimes part of the process of lifting away old energetic clutter.

Live at One World Spiritual Center – Weekly

I am also the Music Director and periodically a guest speaker for One World Spiritual Center in Roswell, GA, which provides Sunday morning interspiritual services both onsite and via Live streaming. Join my newsletter for upcoming speaking and music events.