Asha has been doing psychic healing for over 20 years

Intuitive Sessions & Clearing Work

Are you in need of healing, or want guidance around a situation or person? Or maybe you feel like there is unwanted “stuff” lurking around you or your home?

I have been doing intuitive healing and clearing with clients for over 20 years, including subconscious work, house/land blessings, space clearing, psychic healing/energy healing, journey work/spiritual alchemy and dream interpretation.

As a holistic practitioner, my approach with clients includes working in all three realms of the world tree: subconscious (emotional body), conscious (mental body), and superconscious (spiritual guides/angels).

In short, I like to think of myself as a spiritual detective. (Listen to my podcast and you will instantly know what I mean when you hear the opening music. 😍 )

During a session, I open a clear space, we set our combined intention for clarity, healing and guidance, and then we follow the cosmic clues wherever they take us on your spiritual journey that day.

Benefits of Spiritual Alchemy

While no two sessions are the same, some of the most common benefits my clients experience are:

  • direct soul communication between them and a deceased loved one, or with their angels/guides;
  • cord cutting and soul communication to heal or let go of pain surrounding a difficult relationship (e.g., partner, friend, family member, co-worker), including
    • safely apologizing for misdeeds/errors,
    • communicating pain, anger, and other difficult feelings,
    • establishing healthy boundaries,
    • healing old wounds and misunderstandings, and
    • reclaiming personal power;
  • removal of life-draining entities that sometimes latch on during a prolonged period of depression, when traveling out-of-body haphazardly (or while angry or rageful), or if struggling with an addiction of any kind;
  • relief from physical ailments, both minor and significant, sometimes when no medical source can be found;
  • restoring energy and vitality by recovering a splintered lightbody, often called “soul retrieval”, or through a combination of energy healing (such as reiki) during a session, followed by the practice of energy-receiving mudras, poses and exercises by the client at home.

Sessions & Rates

All sessions include a quick “check-in” before I confirm your booking–just to make sure that I can help you. If yes, I’ll email you with details and next steps, so that we can connect and discuss. Otherwise, I’ll do my best to point you toward other options you might want to consider.

Psychic healing/clearing

Every session is unique and allowed to unfold organically as prompted by guidance. A typical session often includes some combination of psychic messages from guidance, psychic/energy healing, tarot or oracle card reading, Belief System Balancing work, entity removal, repairing holes and/or releasing energy blocks in your field, connecting with past loved ones, hypnotic journey work, and/or other healing techniques.

Sessions also often include “homework”, or exercises, that you are encouraged to do on your own at home to continue your healing and personal unfolding after we part.

Appointment lengths vary based on guidance from Spirit, but will typically last somewhere between 45-90 minutes.

$145 /session flat-fee

Space rejuvenation & everyday protection

Session length varies by location. Onsite sessions typically require 2-3 hours. 
For onsite appointments, please plan on participating in the blessing, clearing and protection of your space.

IMPORTANT: If you believe there is a serious energetic problem in your house, such as problematic ghosts, dark entities or other malevolent forces, please let me know when booking. These situations require special handling, for your safety and mine.

$97 remote, $247 onsite (metro-ATL)

*onsite sessions outside metro-Atlanta can be arranged at additional cost

Energy-Infused Music for Clearing, Healing & Re-harmonization

Feel like you could use a lift? My first album, Move Ahead, is infused with light, breath and pulse energies for clearing and re-harmonization. The songs are a catchy feel-good pop style, and are easy to sing along to for a quick vibrational shift.

For maximum energy clearing and revitalization, just listen to the whole album in order several times. If at first you feel agitated or annoyed, that’s OK! It’s just the process of lifting away old energetic clutter and bringing in new, higher frequencies that your body and mind aren’t used to yet. Consider it progress. ❤️🙏

Move Ahead: The Ascension Album by Asha Lightbearer





Live Events

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PS. I also perform live music events, as well–including house concerts and at spiritual centers, women’s retreats, singer-songwriter showcases and other events. For example, below is a video of the classic neo-pagan song, Mummer’s Dance written by Loreena McKennitt, that I performed at One World Spiritual Center in Roswell with their band.

If you would like to host a hybrid music/healing event, please reach out. Music and healing are a powerful combination, and I would love to work with you to put together something appropriate for your guests.