Personal growth might not have been what you expected from a witchy healer, but I can’t help but share this fun interview with Mike Lewis, founder of When to Jump. The podcast host, Rob Bell, does a great job of bringing us Mike’s story of breaking free from expectations and “the known” to follow his dreams.

So how does this relate to being psychic?

Increasing your psychic ability, recognizing and honoring your intuition, and being able to receive messages and spiritual guidance all require a letting go of the known and expected to step into the unknown.

Mike Lewis’ story is a great example of this. He transitioned from what looked like “living the dream” on paper, to a life of risks and challenges as he followed what brought him joy. It wasn’t easy or glamorous along the way; but his gamble seems to have paid off, because today he is living his heartfelt dream.

My story is similar in some ways.

I was laid off, getting divorced, and had a house, two pets and a four-year old child that needed me; but I just couldn’t get on board with taking another job working for the man. So I decided to see what I could create!

How’d that work out? Well, the truth is I think I’ve done virtually every possible wrong thing along the way. My path has been nothing short of a long and arduous, if not painful, process. But because I wasn’t willing to settle on work that left my creative potential unexplored, and because I wasn’t willing to sell my soul to a lifestyle that was against my personal values and beliefs, here I am… with you!

Yes, these last 10 years have been hard work. The process of becoming willing to declare the psychic messages I receive has been a terrifying journey for me. To use my talents, I had no choice but to step into the unknown business-wise and psychic-wise. (I am a person who doesn’t usually argue any point unless I’m pretty confident that I am right. Can you imagine having to provide messages to people with no proof or validation? Or worse yet, what if I interpret something incorrectly? Argh, the horror!)

Luckily, the non-physical world isn’t as impatient as I can be sometimes. They were happy to allow me all the mistakes and breakthroughs I needed to get lined up with doing this work.

For Mike Lewis and me, our passions didn’t line up with traditional expectations of everyday life.

Both of us had to be willing to let go of control and trust the process.

Personally, faith and trust have not historically been my strong suits; so this psychic thing as a business has been a challenge since the beginning. But over time, exploring, learning, growing, testing the waters and gathering evidence have opened me up to new possibilities and expanded belief in myself, my talents and my purpose–part of which is sharing my experiences of the unseen with you.

I hope you will continue to join me on this path of discovery and explore “the unknown” in your own life–both physical and non-physical–as I also share with you my experience and messages from the unseen.

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