The Empowered Witch: “No” is the new “yes” – putting action and boundaries to work to enhance your life

All bad-ass witches and spiritual gurus know how to say “no” and when to act. Having healthy boundaries and being firmly rooted in the physical world are not juxtapose to spiritual living; rather they are essential for a fully empowered, deeply connected, balanced life. Learn from the order of the high Weeble masters and you’ll never stay down.

“Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”


Channeled Message: How to deal with people who ignore facts – from Lucius Veras

Friday, January 31, 2020 Today I woke up with a very clear vision of several African women (all in bright, beautiful traditional clothing and headwraps) holding huge cards in front of them. I could sense words coming to fill in the different cards. I knew I was receiving a personal development exercise, but I wasn’t sure exactly what, or how […]


Into the Unknown

Personal growth might not have been what you expected from a witchy healer, but I can’t help but share this fun interview with Mike Lewis, founder of When to Jump. The podcast host, Rob Bell, does a great job of bringing us Mike’s story of breaking free from expectations and “the known” to follow his dreams. So how does this relate to being […]